Trilogy’s Game Day Flavors

The Super Bowl is an unofficial American holiday centered around football and delicious food and beverages. In honor of this popular event, Trilogy Flavors is highlighting top trending flavors inspired by game day favorites. These flavors work well in a variety of crowd-pleasing applications ranging from dips to pizza to seltzer. Trilogy Flavors consistently delivers consumer preferred high-quality natural seasonings and flavoring ingredients for food and beverage manufacturers.

Looking for ways to make your products Super Bowl classics? Trilogy Flavors has the flavors you need.

Buffalo Dip 

Buffalo Wing Type Flavor (oil soluble) #815388


Consumer demand for Buffalo flavor has increased significantly over the past five years, with the largest increase in new product launches occurring between 2019 and 2020[1]. As such, Trilogy Flavors is highlighting its Buffalo Wing Type flavor for a variety of applications ranging from dips to sauces. The flavor profile is spicy hot and tangy.

Recommended usage level: 0.50% in sour cream

Tarocco Blood Orange Beer

Blood Orange Tarocco Italian Extract (water soluble) #103143

Native to the garden island of Sicily, Tarocco blood oranges are known for their juicy and sweet flavor. Trilogy’s Blood Orange Tarocco Italian flavor is reminiscent of a fresh orange and works well in a variety of beverage applications. This flavor is TTB approved and can be used in alcoholic beverages. We recommend using it in beer, hard seltzer, or vodka. It can also be used in non-alcoholic beverages such as seltzer or water.

Recommended usage level: 0.10% in beer, 0.25% in vodka

Jalapeno Cheddar Cheese 

Jalapeno Pepper (without heat) N&A (oil soluble) #43546

Bursting with flavor, this Jalapeno Pepper flavor has peppery, green, and vegetable like notes. It delivers sought-after peppery notes without the heat. It is oil soluble and N&A.

According to Mintel, 29% of US cheese consumers say that bolder flavors are an important driver when choosing cheese, making Trilogy’s Jalapeno flavor the perfect solution to meet consumer demand. [2]

We suggest using this flavor in cheese to spice up your charcuterie board or in sauce to add punch to your dish.

Recommended usage level: 0.25% in cheese,0.10%-0.25% in sauce

Dill Pickle Chips 

Dill Pickle Flavor Snack Seasoning #993365

With 62% of consumers stating they are likely to try new flavors in the snack category,[3] there is an opportunity for snack brands to be creative and develop products with unique flavors. Our Dill Pickle snack seasoning contains spicy and sour notes and can be used in a variety of applications from chips to dip.

Recommended usage level:6-8% in dip/or applied topically to snack 

Pepperoni Pizza

Pepperoni Liquid Spice Blend (oil soluble) #804128

Super Bowl Sunday is notoriously one of the busiest days of the year for the pizza industry, with an estimated 12.5 million pizzas sold, according to The American Pizza Community.[4] Paired with the spike in pizza sales due to the pandemic, the pizza industry is expected to experience record sales this Sunday. Trilogy offers a wide variety of flavors to set your pizza apart.

Our popular Pepperoni Liquid Spice Blend features a flavor profile of meaty, anise like notes and moderate heat. It works well in both meat applications and plant-based protein.

Recommended usage level: 0.30% in meat, 0.10% in soup


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