Introducing Trilogy Flavors…Trilogy Essential Ingredients Changes Name and Updates Logo

February 15, 2023 (Belcamp, MD) – Trilogy Essential Ingredients has changed its name and updated its logo. Founded in 2007, Trilogy Essential Ingredients has grown into a leader in flavor and extract manufacturing. Reflecting on the company’s 15 year evolution, Trilogy Essential Ingredients has changed its name to Trilogy Flavors. With deep roots in citrus, spice, and mint and unmatched expertise in flavor ingredients, essential oils, and oleoresins, Trilogy Flavors will continue to offer high-quality products and exceptional service. “Building on a 90 year heritage of flavor ingredients and 15 years of growth behind us, we are pleased to rebrand our flavor division and strengthen Trilogy Flavors for the next generation,” states Richard C. Pisano Jr., President.


The name Trilogy Flavors is simple and to the point. It is who we are – a flavor company. As we embrace our new brand, we remain committed to our legacy in the industry as problem solvers who provide our customers with creative inspiration, cultural insights, and innovative solutions. Our new logo is modernized and designed to be open and approachable. It highlights Trilogy’s connection to nature and ingredient sourcing in the icon depicting a plant, seeds, and water reinforced by the green and blue colors. The subtle monogram in the icon features a combination of “T” and “F” to represent our company name. The clean sans serif font is modern and minimal.


“Trilogy’s new branding strives to evoke a feeling of adventure and excitement. Our professional work should be as stimulating and fulfilling as our personal food experiences that inspire and ignite our passions. We strive to guide our customers on a collaborative journey of taste exploration as we work collectively to create winning food and beverages,” notes Elizabeth Pisano, Vice President of Business Development.

Trilogy Flavors, Inc.