High-Quality Oleoresin Manufacturing

Trilogy’s portfolio of 60+ oleoresins is prepared from natural botanicals, resulting in superior performance.


An oleoresin is a natural flavoring prepared by extracting a botanical (spice) with a non-potable volatile solvent, which is later removed.  Oleoresins are added to almost every food application to contribute the attributes of the natural spice such as flavor, color, or as a natural antioxidant.  The typical solvents used for extraction are acetone, CO2, ethyl acetate, ethylene dichloride, methanol and methylene chloride.

Oleoresins contain the following components:

  • Essential oils (volatiles which provide aroma and flavor)
  • Non–volatiles (products which provide pungency or warmth)
  • Fixed oils (typically found in seeds)
  • Pigments (from paprika and turmeric)
  • Natural antioxidants (which inhibit flavor and color degradation)

Trilogy offers a wide range of oleoresins prepared from spices, such as basil, capsicum (for spicy heat, or paprika for red color), cardamom, celery seed, cinnamon bark, clove bud, fenugreek, ginger, mace, marjoram, nutmeg, parsley, pepper (black and white), pimento (allspice), rosemary, sage, savory (summer and winter), thyme, turmeric (for yellow color), vanilla and bay (West Indian). The choice of solvent used in extraction is determined by the particular starting material or spice used.

Benefits of Trilogy’s oleoresins

The building blocks of many herb and spice natural flavorings, Trilogy’s oleoresins produce excellent flavor and aroma, extend shelf life, and contribute beautiful color to food and beverage products across many varietals.

Our products offer flexibility in food systems at a lower cost. Trilogy’s focus on quality means that products that are free from contamination. Our oleoresins offer standardized flavor, color, texture, have longer shelf life; and are easy to ship and to store.

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