Liquid Seasonings and Flavorings

Trilogy’s liquid seasonings are an excellent, cost-effective alternative to dry seasoning blends. They are concentrated, have excellent shelf life, are microbiologically clean, and can be customized to your specific flavor profiles and your consumers’ preferences.

Food and beverage manufacturers turn to Trilogy’s liquid seasonings because they deliver maximized flavor, color, pungency and heat, resulting in lower cost-in-use than traditional ground spices.

Our research and development team creates oleoresin blends that flavor a wide range of processed meat products, primarily breakfast sausages, deli meats, hot dogs, and pepperoni. Chances are, you’ve tasted our liquid seasonings in your favorite pepperoni pizza—not to mention, the extensive array of sauces, condiments, salad dressings, and soups that contain our liquid flavorings.

Trilogy is among the largest suppliers of flavorings to the pickled vegetable industry, with essential oil and oleoresin-based seasonings for dill, kosher dill, sweet, and bread & butter pickles.

Our expertise and technology enable us to develop liquid seasonings and flavorings that meet a diverse global market and our flavorists can design blends tailored for specific food and beverage applications.

All of Trilogy’s liquid seasonings offer:

  • Consistency in flavor from batch to batch
  • Equivalency to the natural spice
  • No concern for microbiological issues
  • Excellent flavor and color retention in processed meats
  • Minimum of one-year shelf life
  • Convenience – minimal storage requirements, easy to store and handle, less weight
  • Flexibility – available in oil-soluble and water-soluble formulations
  • Compatibility with meat fats
  • Clean label ingredients – can be labeled as a natural flavor or spice extract

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