Superior Flavoring Ingredients for Vast Market Applications

Trilogy’s flavorings and essential ingredients help food and beverage manufacturers deliver tastes that consumers prefer, with flavors that drive market share. Whether we’re creating traditional food and beverage flavors or developing next-generation seasonings, Trilogy is at the forefront of harnessing the best of oleoresins, and creating versatile liquid seasonings, reaction flavors, and in-demand natural antioxidants and pigments. Trilogy can customize its flavoring and essential ingredients to satisfy the requirements of clean label, organic, non-GMO, kosher and halal qualifications. Check our sample library for a list of products.


An oleoresin is a natural flavoring prepared by extracting a botanical (spice) with a non-potable volatile solvent, which is later removed.  Oleoresins are added to almost every food application to contribute the attributes of the natural spice such as flavor, color, or as a natural antioxidant.  The typical solvents used for extraction are acetone, CO2, ethyl acetate, ethylene dichloride, methanol and methylene chloride.

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Natural Antioxidants & Pigments

Trilogy’s natural antioxidants and food pigments enable manufacturers to produce clean label consumer products, boost product shelf life, preserve food flavor and appearance, and meet consumer preference for natural over synthetic ingredients.

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Liquid Seasonings

Trilogy’s liquid seasonings are an excellent, cost-effective alternative to dry seasoning blends. They are concentrated, have excellent shelf life, are microbiologically clean, and can be customized to your specific flavor profiles and your consumers’ preferences.

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Reaction Flavors

With extensive expertise in non-enzymatic browning—also called the Maillard browning reaction—Trilogy’s reaction flavors deliver a wide range of savory nuances for beef, poultry, pork and ham; roasted garlic and roasted onion; as well as a chocolate reaction base with true cocoa taste.

That appealing browning of meats when they are seared or grilled, or the savory taste of fried onions or garlic are among the attributes that Trilogy’s reaction flavors bring.

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