Pet Food Flavoring that Boosts Palatability

The pet food market has become ever-more fragmented and competitive, as devoted pet owners seek out more healthful options that their beloved pets will enjoy. Manufacturers of high-quality pet food want to ensure that all of the ingredients included meet their high standards and satisfy their consumers’ purchase criteria. Dogs and cats have a fraction of the taste buds that humans have, so these animals’ sense of taste is weaker than their owners’. Therefore, aroma plays a large part in creating appetizing pet food.


Trilogy meets the call of the wild with savory pet food flavors that help dry, wet, and canned pet food makers get a “paws up” from companion animals. We help manufacturers produce pet foods that dogs and cats enjoy—thanks to high-quality, natural pet food flavorings that enhance palatability. These include roasted garlic and roasted onion concentrates, roast beef drippings, smoky bacon, grilled sirloin, grilled chicken, grilled pork, and poultry.

We also produce a line of oleoresin-based antimicrobials and antioxidants for animal feed that inhibit or kill microorganisms, extend shelf life, and maintain better animal health.

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