Meat Flavoring and Extracts

Trilogy’s liquid seasonings make better pepperoni for pizza, sausages that add savory flavor to breakfast plates or Italian dishes, hot dogs that are grill favorites, and luncheon meats that fill deli sandwiches and supermarket refrigerator cases.

Our meat flavoring specialists continually develop custom blends that offer manufacturers a more cost-efficient, highly consistent alternative to ground spice and herb seasonings for processed meats. We design these blends to meet our customers’ label requirements and to deliver the proper flavor in an easy-to-handle package made specifically for their meat batch.


For manufacturers of meatless (plant-based) protein products, we offer several choices that create a genuine meat flavor with a savory Maillard reaction browning profile. Among these vegetarian flavors are roast beef drippings, bacon, rotisserie chicken, baked ham, light roasted turkey and pork.

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