Flavoring Extracts for Coffee, Tea, and Kombucha

Want to boost your coffee line with must-have flavors? Are you expanding your flavors for tea and have something unusual you’d like to offer? Trilogy’s flavoring extracts for coffee, tea, and kombucha give beverage formulators all the essential ingredients to deliver tomorrow’s flavors, today.

Our extracts and flavors for coffee, tea, and kombucha are natural for a clean label, clear in appearance, and are customizable to meet your formulation specifications.

Coffee and tea flavorings

Trilogy’s flavorings for coffee and tea help to mask caffeine’s bitterness, and can provide a sweeter taste or additional flavor profiles. Our indulgent, exotic, and fruit flavors enable processors to bring more palate-pleasing beverages to market.


Kombucha flavoring

Our flavor development team is also waking up the kombucha tea segment with a line of flavors that keep health-conscious consumers coming back for more. As a fermented product, kombucha has an acidic, tart taste; Trilogy’s kombucha flavorings are used to mask those notes, deliver great taste, and help processors maintain a healthy product profile. Our growing sample library for kombucha includes tropical, citrus, berry, and herbal blends; we can also develop custom flavors for this and other beverage products.

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