From our superior raw materials through the entire manufacturing process, Trilogy consistently delivers high-quality natural seasonings and flavoring ingredients. Our advanced technologies, forward thinking, and our scientists’ appetite for innovation make us a market leader in high-impact flavor formulations for a variety of food and beverage segments:

  • Water & Sports, Energy, and Juice Drinks
  • Beer, Hard Seltzer, and Alcoholic beverages
  • Coffee, Tea, Kombucha
  • Protein products
  • Meat applications
  • Marinades, Sauces, Pickles
  • Bakery, Confectionary
  • Dairy
  • Pet foods

A growing flavor portfolio for extensive applications

We offer a wide range of from-the-name fruit (FTNF) flavors, extracts, and distillates, and are experts in using captive citrus top notes, fractions, boosters, flavor enhancers, and aging components. Our flavor portfolio is ever-expanding, with a building block approach that enables us to develop exciting new flavor profiles, deliver interesting flavor tonalities to formulated beverages, enhance beverage freshness, and create signature flavors that help your products stand out from the competition.

Flavor modulators

Trilogy produces sweet, salt, and cocoa modulators to help food and beverage manufacturers meet the demands of their markets. Our sweetness boosters imitate sugar’s flavor profile; our salt boosters are excellent in reduced-sodium products; our cocoa boosters provide true cocoa taste at lower cost; and our unique masking modifiers and mouth feel agents never impart off notes. You only get the excellent results you expect.

Custom flavors

Are you searching for a signature flavor for your application? Our researchers have a passion for custom flavor development, a Trilogy specialty that helps our partners meet their specific flavor needs and consumers’ changing flavor preferences. Trilogy also leads the flavoring ingredient industry in prototype and turnkey product development for all types of beverages.

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Whatever your market strength, Trilogy has the applications and lab capabilities to support it.