Flavor Focus: Strawberry

When we think of strawberries, what comes to mind? This sweet and natural treat is luscious, juicy, and best enjoyed in early summer. It evokes picnics and milkshakes, strawberries and cream, berries dipped in chocolate, baskets overflowing with hand-picked fruit. Ice cream. Jam on toast. Strawberry Fields Forever.

But the humble strawberry has been around since the dawn of humankind. Back then, the wild berry was tiny, tough, and nearly flavorless. Back then, ancient Romans used it in medicine, primarily to treat depression. 

Many years later, French kings took a shine to them, transporting hundreds of wild berry plants into their royal garden beds. Artists traced strawberries into their holy illuminated manuscripts. As strawberries grew in popularity and demand, savvy agriculturalists learned how to cultivate new fruit-bearing plants. The result? What we now know as the ‘modern strawberry.’

According to the marketing research firm Mintel, strawberry flavor is currently used in 23.8% of dairy products, 17% of sugar and gum confectionery, 14.6% of baked goods, 14.5% of desserts and ice creams, and 8.4% of chocolate confectionery.

There’s something truly remarkable about the perfect summer strawberry! It’s no wonder that these little beauties have become such a popular flavor worldwide. Used in everything from probiotic yogurt to artisanal pastries, fruit gummies, and much more, strawberry has proven appeal, and it’s here to stay.

That’s why Trilogy Flavors has developed an extensive library of distinct berry flavors to meet our customers’ needs. With flavor profiles from green to jammy, and soluble in water or oil – with the right balance of sweetness and tartness, Trilogy’s flavors are ideal for baked goods, smoothies, milkshakes, cocktails, and so much more. 

What will you create with Trilogy?

171606 — STRAWBERRY FRESH TYPE — Natural Flavor Blend — Water soluble

171617 — STRAWBERRRY JAMMY TYPE TTB — Natural Flavor Blend — Water soluble

171602 — STRAWBERRY — Natural & Artificial, Halal — Water soluble

171870 — STRAWBERRY — Natural Flavor Blend — Oil soluble

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