Flavor Focus: Organic Sweet Relish Emulsion, Clean Label

With Clean Label being this month’s theme, we’d like to highlight one of our flavor delivery systems that is considered clean across the board. Our ORGANIC SWEET RELISH EMULSION (G823480), is an effective clean label solution that is ideal for flavoring pickles. While synthetic emulsifiers like Polysorbate-80 and Propylene Glycol can be used to make clear brines, they may not be the ideal choice for clean label products. Fortunately, Trilogy has clean-label emulsions that do the same thing while also being organic certified, all natural, and GMO-free.

Trilogy’s Organic Sweet Relish Emulsion contains the following:

  • Organic Gum Arabic: Naturally occurring, certified organic, and widely used and accepted in the food & beverage industry.
  • Non-GMO Citric Acid: Has the same preservative quality as other forms of citric acid, but is not produced using genetically modified enzymes.
  • Supercritical CO2 Extracts: To eliminate residual solvents, carbon dioxide is used to produce organic oleoresins from plant material.
  • Organic Essential Oils: High quality oils, sourced from our companion company which has decades of expertise in organic oils.

Chad Evans

Chad is a Flavor Development Engineer at Trilogy where he is working towards earning his Flavor Chemist certification. Chad is Trilogy’s go-to for developing organic and non-GMO products. He began working at Trilogy in 2012 as an intern, and joined full-time in 2015 after earning his Bachelor’s degree. Like many employees at Trilogy, Chad has a family member on the team. His mother, Monique, is the Director of Business Process Optimization. Prior to returning to Trilogy, Chad earned a major in Chemical Engineering and a minor in Physics from the University of Delaware in 2015. In his free time, Chad enjoys playing the guitar and drums and travelling to Burlington, Vermont.