Flavor Focus: Organic Spearmint Lemongrass

With winter in full swing, we are looking forward to hot summer days and all of the great flavors that go hand-in-hand with the warmer season. As we have spotlighted the Hard Seltzer trend this month, we find it fitting to choose an amazing seltzer flavor for our first Flavor of the Week. That being said, January 2020’s Flavor of the Week is Organic Spearmint Lemongrass.

Trilogy’s Organic Spearmint Lemongrass flavor is built for a refreshing seltzer product. Lemongrass from Guatemala and Spearmint from the Pacific Northwest combine to create a cooling, almost spa-like, aroma and flavor. The sweet notes of the spearmint are well-balanced with the earthy and citrus qualities of lemongrass. Additionally, the flavor is one of many on our vast Commercially Available Organic flavor list.

Chad Evans

Chad is a Flavor Development Engineer at Trilogy where he is working towards earning his Flavor Chemist certification. Chad is Trilogy’s go-to for developing organic and non-GMO products. He began working at Trilogy in 2012 as an intern, and joined full-time in 2015 after earning his Bachelor’s degree. Like many employees at Trilogy, Chad has a family member on the team. His mother, Monique, is the Director of Business Process Optimization. Prior to returning to Trilogy, Chad earned a major in Chemical Engineering and a minor in Physics from the University of Delaware in 2015. In his free time, Chad enjoys playing the guitar and drums and travelling to Burlington, Vermont.