Flavor Focus: Butter Type, Natural Flavor (Oil Soluble)

Butter Type, Natural Flavor (Oil Soluble) – Item Code #7155

January 2021’s Flavor of the Week is Butter Type, Natural Flavor (Oil Soluble) #7155

2020 was a turbulent year for many of us. After months of change and uncertainty, we all deserve some classic comforts. With that said, Trilogy is kicking 2021 off the right way: with butter!

Even with the rise of many better-for-you alternative fats, butter remains a favorite for the American palate. 56% of U.S. consumers who use butter, margarine, or oil describe butter as “tasty.”

Trilogy’s Natural Butter Flavor has creamy, dairy-like notes and is available in a clear-yellow liquid delivery system. The oil-soluble flavor is great for bakery products because the flavor will not flash off when heated. It also has a simple ingredient statement which makes it suitable for clean label applications.

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