Flavor Focus: Lemongrass

Lemongrass brings zest to dishes sweet and savory—from baking to dairy products to steaks! Even drinks are getting a boost from lemongrass. Data giant Mintel says that lemongrass is making a splash in distilling, and the flavor is appearing in spirits, beer, sports drinks, and herbal teas. And because lemon is one of the most popular scents in the world, this versatile herb is also used in perfumes and aromatherapy treatments.

Lemongrass is said to taste like mild citrus with a hint of ginger. Named so for its lemony aroma, this herb actually possesses the same oils as the lemon fruit and is often used as a substitute for lemon flavoring. Fresh lemongrass may also offer notes of bright floral and cooling mint. Unsurprisingly, Mintel says that customers shop with their senses, and this year, it’s time for aroma to take center stage! Because lemongrass has such a bright and beautiful scent, it is the perfect candidate for sensory-centric shoppers and culinary creatives.

Lemongrass is a culinary staple in south Asian culture, thanks to its tangy fragrance and fresh flavor profile. Edible species of lemongrass include the East Indian variety (Cymbopogon flexuosus), also called ‘Malabar’ or ‘cochin’ grass. This strain is native to Burma, Laos, Thailand, Sri Lanka, India, Cambodia, and Vietnam. You’ll find the West Indian variety (Cymbopogon citratus) in Asia’s maritime countries, including Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Singapore. At the same time, both can be used for cooking, but c. citratus is the preference of most chefs.

Mintel says that aromas can have transportive powers, and we can’t help but agree. Whether it’s a new experience, sensation, or craving, scents are essential to the human experience. That’s why energizing, cleansing, and all-natural lemongrass flavors and aromas do wonders to lift your spirits and expand your senses.

Lemongrass flavors are not only delicious and tangy, but they’re also rich in nutrients that promote mental and physical wellbeing. And beyond its vibrant taste, lemongrass’s effervescent aroma is known to have brightening and mood-boosting properties.

According to Mintel, 58 percent of American adults say they want to try new flavors, so there’s no better time to try adding lemongrass to your culinary palette. And in fact, Mintel goes on to say that now is the perfect time to get innovative with your aromas, whether that’s through bold new flavor profiles or soothing scents designed to improve your personal wellbeing.

So in the spirit of innovation and your need to present a citrus, fresh, ripe, or juicy lemongrass flavor profile, Trilogy Ingredients has it covered. With zesty, bold, and flavorful ingredients, there couldn’t be a better choice for your products. What will you create today?

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