Flavor Manufacturing Capabilities and Technologies

Trilogy’s impressive in-house manufacturing facilities and equally impressive technologies are driven by our talented R&D team. These scientists and innovators have many decades of experience among them. Their longstanding professional relationships, scientific curiosity, and collaborative spirit—among themselves and with other departments—are what make Trilogy Flavors a go-to company for superior flavor delivery systems and customized products that give our customers the competitive edge.

Over the years, we have invested in the design and functionality of our facilities, including the advanced analytical equipment that helps us produce flavors that function perfectly in your finished product, and that also meet specific market requirements and industry criteria.

Our manufacturing capabilities include emulsions, encapsulation, extraction, dry blending, distillation, and liquid compounding. We develop both water-soluble and oil-soluble flavors based on the unique requirements of your finished product. Our flavor chemists develop and manufacture flavor prototypes and perform taste tests in customer-specific applications to ensure flavor quality and performance. With our commitment to quality and service, customers can rely on our experts to provide assistance even after the product leaves our facility.

Production flexibility, broad support

Trilogy has six production rooms dedicated to manufacturing the flavor delivery systems our customers require for a broad range of applications. This includes the use of emulsifiers and diluents that meet today’s stringent regulatory qualifications for clean label, organic, kosher, halal, and non-GMO.

Our flexibility extends to smaller companies and startups who have different needs than global food and beverage manufacturers. We enjoy working with companies of all sizes to develop on-trend flavors in smaller batches. Our processing methods are available for toll manufacturing, which enables our customers—especially those engaged in small-batch production—to manage their inventories, focus on their core capabilities, and reduce costs.


In order to best serve our customers, Trilogy maintains warehouses in the Northeastern and Western United States and China, with additional representation around the world. These strategic locations enable us to promptly and efficiently address the needs of global and regional brands.

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Whatever your market strength, Trilogy has the applications and lab capabilities to support it.