Ask the Expert – Reaction Flavors for Meat Alternatives

Overview Reaction flavors, sometimes referred to as processed flavors, are the resulting mixture of products from various chemical reactions where the flavor differs greatly from the starting materials (reactants). Thanks to the magic of science, raw materials are transformed in the reaction vessel into rich flavors that include …

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Steve Askew

Steve is a Senior Flavor Chemist at Trilogy where he has worked since 1999. At Trilogy, he wears many hats and has contributed to countless projects. Amongst his many roles are building flavor emulsions, developing reaction flavors, duplicating flavors, and mentoring flavor chemist trainees. Outside of the lab he also assists in sourcing, sales, QA/QC, and production equipment design. Prior to joining Trilogy, Steve was a Food Technologist and Flavor Chemist at McCormick and Elite Spice where he worked on an array of projects. At McCormick he met his mentor and future Trilogy coworker, Dean Wilson, who now serves as Vice President at Trilogy. Steve earned a Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) in 1990. Working at Trilogy is truly a family affair for him. His wife and both of his daughters have held positions at Trilogy in the past, and he currently works with his daughter, Roxanne Diedrich, as his apprentice flavor trainee.