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Ask the Expert – How to Add Natural Flavors to Cheese

Overview Amidst the global pandemic, dairy sales have exploded as dairy products have firmed their position as a main staple in consumers’ refrigerators. With many staying at home and restaurants at limited capacity, more meals are being cooked at home. Cheese sales, in particular, are through the roof. …

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Chris Milligan

Chris is Sales Account Executive at Trilogy Flavors, a fourth-generation, family-owned business in the ingredient and flavor industries. The way Chris approaches business and sales is through looking at a customer as a true partner: Chris wants to grow with his customers for the life of the product, as well as help his customers with new products. Chris’ favorite aspect of the business is helping develop new products: he sees what a customer needs, then works with our internal team to develop prototypes to solve their problem, and to give them a new solution. Chris’ all around expertise combined with a technical, operations, and procurement background is what differentiates him in this industry. Most importantly, Chris has a passion for flavor. His knowledge of ingredients and how flavor is made helps his customers. Chris loves bringing samples into a customer to show them how our flavors can strengthen a product.