Flavor Formulations for a Range of Industries

Flavor creation is at the heart of everything we do at Trilogy—whether we’re developing something for a new global market or formulating a custom flavor for a customer. With our blend of creativity and science, we deliver tomorrow’s flavors, today.

Our scientists are experts at creating natural flavor formulations and enhancers, liquid seasonings, and reaction flavors for multiple applications in foods and beverages of all types. Our expertise in processing traditional and novel ingredients helps food and beverage manufacturers around the world produce excellent finished products and bring new, improved products to market—all with support from a one-stop source with tremendous creative and technical capabilities. Our flavor solutions are cost effective with a long shelf life, and can be labeled as natural flavors or spice extracts.

  • From the farm to the table, discover where your favorite flavors come from

    Let us walk you through how Trilogy transforms ingredients from the farm into your favorite food and beverage flavors.

  • paprika (India), garlic (China), oregano (Hungary), grapefruit (United States & Israel)

    From the Farm…

    Trilogy’s expertise in sourcing goes back generations which allows us to provide varietals from around the world. Our diversity in sourcing provides a line of defense against supply chain disruptions such as natural disasters and economic fluctuations.

  • Harvesting

    Before any product arrives at Trilogy, the raw material is harvested and processed through methods such as steam distillation, oleoresin extraction, or expression. Our job is getting the liquid gold out of botanicals that Mother Nature gives us.

  • Transport

    Long-held relationships are the core of our reliable supply chain that ensure that the highest quality products safely arrive at our facilities on time. Trilogy’s procurement team has searched the corners of the world to gather the best ingredients from every continent (besides Antarctica).

  • Global Sourcing

    Our diverse sourcing isn’t purely logistical. Like everything we do, it boils down to developing the best flavor. For example, grapefruit from Florida tastes different than those found in Israel.

  • Quality Control & Assurance

    Before any material is purchased, samples are sent to our lab for a thorough pre-approval process that consists of analytical and organoleptic testing.

  • Vast Production Capabilities

    Depending on the ingredient involved, incoming material is sent to one of six dedicated production rooms for further processing. Our variety of production capabilities includes minimum and maximum order quantities from 1 kg to a tanker truck.

  • Service that Exceeds Your Demands

    Trilogy not only sources from all over the world, but you can find our flavors in consumer-ready products worldwide across many applications. Thanks to our customer service and shipping teams, orders are prepared and sent out to meet the demands of your schedule.

  • Seamless Delivery Systems

    Depending on the requirements of your finished products, our flavor delivery systems allow you to seamlessly flavor your product in a unique, cost-effective, and safe manner.

  • …To the Table

    Our applications lab is a problem solving machine for customers. From idea to execution, Trilogy works beyond identifying and implementing the optimal flavor delivery system for your product. Our flavor chemists collaborate with customers throughout development to ensure the highest quality finished product.

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